Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Just the beginning

I had been thinking about starting a beading blog for a long time now but never really "got around" to it. I think that my recent beading frenzy has instigated it. Not only that but the Beading Daily Forums have been a HUGE factor. I know that I normally tend to have a beading frenzy that lasts for maybe a month and then it dies down for a while and then starts back up again. Beading ebb and flow, if you will. However I have not ebbed in quite a while and I don't see the end in sight. I will be using this site not only to show some things that I have created, blog about ideas and conceptualize them but also as inspiration...I want to bring all forms of art in that inspire me (and hopefully others) and even if I don't have the time or resources at the time to create my inspiration, I hope that it will become a log of my beading journey and all that have inspired me along the way.

I named this blog something that I have always wanted to name a bead store. Like most beaders, I imagine, I would like to someday open my own bead store. But I also would like to have a gallery - honestly, of the two I would rather have and run a gallery. Of course I also dream of someday being a "known" beader, of being a mom, of creating art and sharing it with people...but then, I also wanna save the "world" (help people) too. Humble dreams, you see. LOL.

So here is my bloggy beading start!