Monday, December 14, 2015

When Creativity Leaves The Creative

Writers block.  Lost inspiration.  Empty.  When you sit down with everything in front of you and just can't make yourself make something.

No, this isn't yo mama's blog entry about how to find inspiration.  I think we probably all already know several ways to ignite the inspiration bulb.  Thing is...WHY does it happen?  I have been struggling with this problem off and on for a good year.  Its not that I don't have ideas or that I am not excited about my ideas...its actually that I can't make myself DO the things I want to do.
Here is something I have discovered.  Creatives are EXTREMELY sensitive to their environment and emotions.  When something is off, like dealing with an overly stressful time at work or a infuriating boss or internal emotional turmoil, our creative center becomes tapped.  I'm not sure if its because we employ all our creativeness in resolving the situation we are in or if its that it just happens to be the first "extra" resource of energy we tap.  Either way, the first thing that seems to leave is our ability to act upon that which makes us most happy - creating.  This is a vicious cycle and can spiral downward for a long period of time - sometimes taking weeks, months or even longer to kick out of.  Basically, when you are drained in other life-areas...many times you will find yourself drained creatively.
The only real advice I have for these times is to not lose not give up and allow yourself guiltless time to work things out and get back to the status quo.  This is important because it WILL return and to feel guilty about a pause is really counter productive.  All this to say that I had a recent burst of energy.  Small...but enough to FINALLY complete a new piece.

You may recognize that this necklace was my entry for the final Beading Back in Time blog hop.  I am JUST NOW finishing it and I am totally patting myself on the back right now...because it is a small step away from the empty bucket I had been feeling.  It is a bright spot and sometimes you just gotta congratulate yourself for beginning the process back into your creative self.  Finally.

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  1. PIB, I'm so glad you're blogging and creating and feeling better! Lets chat soon!