Tuesday, January 30, 2018

The Stash Has Been Used & Weirdness Insued

Today is the reveal for Art Elements' Use Your Stash Challenge hosted by my good friend, Lindsay Starr!  Today is also the day I am late to the party - I have had a crazy week and didn't get to write my lovely little blog post until the day of.  Not my normal style but it is what it is!

For this challenge I rummaged through my stash and pulled a ceramic piece I have had sitting in my box for years - I almost didn't want to make anything with it because I love it so much:  A trilobite by Diana Ptaszynski!  I knew I wanted to finally use the trilo and I had recently added a cool ring from Joan Miller to my stash, so I threw them into my project box. That day I had a bead-in at my local bead shop, Cindy's Crafts so I knew I would have plenty of time to work out my design.

I began by snipping off the wire loop connectors from the trilo and bezeling it like a cab.

At this point I really didn't know what I wanted this to end up looking like.  Often I get stuck on the shape of the piece.  It tends to work out better if you have a overall shape in mind when you are working but this time I had to do a little Pinteresting for shape inspiration.

I didn't find exactly what I was looking in my search on Pinterest, however, after a while a general shape and layout came to mind...I immediately sketched it and despite my poor skills with a pen, I was able to capture the shape and some of the design elements I wanted to include.

As is typical with the way I work, I let the beads do what they wanted, adding design elements as they came to me.  Sometimes this process gets me trapped in my own thoughts but if I consciously 'let go' I usually find that the end result is more pleasing than it would have been if I forced myself through the process.

The more I worked on this piece the more I loved it.  Sometimes you run into an 'ugly duckling' phase and then struggle to complete a piece because you aren't "feeling it".  This one never reached that point for me.  Somehow everything just flowed as I worked.

But...sometimes in art things kinda happen without you realizing it.  Sometimes you unintentionally create within your creation.  This apparently happened to me...and I am still not sure how I feel about it...

In a relatively short amount of time I had created a piece I truly loved without buying a single bead - all from my stash...and upon sharing the end result with others, found out that everyone thought it was a bird.  *laugh*  I just wanted to have a trilo and ammonite hanging out in a pool of beads...but weirdly - oh so weirdly I had created a trilo hanging out in the belly of a bird!  Do you see it???

I used a metal clay brass ring by Gail DeLuca and a metal clay brass toggle clasp by One Sweet Bead to finish it all off.  Intention or not, I love this piece, bird and all.  And because my graphic designer mother said, "It's an awesome bird, own it!"  I am officially calling this piece, "Oops, bird!"  *laugh*

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  1. I do see a bird, and I think it's awesome! I love all your choices of beads! You and Lindsay are a great pair!

  2. You already know I think this is fabulous! And I'm still looking for the stamp. I have to check a few more places. Some things never got unpacked in my move to Rochester!

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  4. I love your Oops Bird. It is amazing!

  5. At first glance I though it was a bird. It is an amazing piece of art. Own it!

  6. What a gorgeous piece! I also saw a bird in it and to be honest, when you wrote about the not existng "ugly duck" phase, I was expecting some joke about how a bird appeared... and was surprised that you didn't see it ;) I can also understand why you were hoarding the trilobite but this piece does it more than justice! A wonderful example why nothing should be hoarded forever because I think especially the beads and piece we love most, need their chance to tell a story!

  7. Oh lucky you to have one of Diana's trilobite beads!! I love the oops bird you made with it! Lovely!

  8. What an amazing piece, I can see why you would not want to use it but WOW you really rocked it! I love the colours you used and it is perfectly balanced! Your piece makes me wish I could seed bead!

  9. I love it. I like the way you went with the flow. I nod at your selective wise use of those bugles! And I wasn't overly struck with the birdiness...

  10. That's so pretty! I'm so jealous of people like you who can "let go" and end up with such beautiful freeform embroidery like that. It's so organic and lovely. Great job! :D

  11. I'm the weirdo that wouldn't have seen the bird...too busy gazing into the pool of beads! Great job PIB, and thanks for playing along!

  12. Beautiful piece and gorgeous colour choices! I love the accidental bird!

  13. I love it!! I love the bird, I saw that immediately :D

  14. What a lovely piece. I didn’t see a bird until I saw everyone’s comments. Like Lindsay I was so busy drooling over your lovely bead design!

  15. I think the ONLY reason people see a bird is the circular element in the upper left. Whatever. I LOVE it! I wish I could do some kind of free association like you do, but whenever I try to do that, I HATE it and rip it all out. I have to do simple formula every time. This is so gorgeous!